Thursday, October 21, 2010

Landon Scored!

Landon was finally able to go to his first adoption show this past Saturday after being under house arrest for the last three weeks.  It took him three rounds of antibiotics to get over his kennel cough - apparently there's a nasty strain of it going around right now.  But midweek last week you could tell that he was suddenly feeling so much better.  Instead of having to be coaxed to eat watered down wet food he would scarf down his kibble, and I didn't even have to hide his medicine in anything because he'd eat it right along with the dry food!  In the yard he began running around more and wanted to play fetch, when before trotting more than a few steps would have thrown him into a coughing fit.

It was great to see his personality peeking through.  Although one thing that didn't change was his desire to be close to you.  Not just I'm-going-to-follow-you-from-room-to-room close, but if-I-could-surgically-attach-myself-to-you-I-would close.  We knew with how sweet and cute he was it would be no time at all before Landon got adopted and pretty much figured he'd be a one show dog.

So I wasn't terribly surprised when less than an hour after dropping Landon off at the adoption show I received a call from one of the adoption coordinators saying someone had put in an application on him and asked me to talk to them on the phone for a few minutes.  Everything sounded great; a woman and her boyfriend who live with her mother as well as her two children, 10 and 12 years old, so someone would be home almost 100% of the time.  With having so many people to love on and rarely being alone, I knew Landon would love it.

The home check went well, everyone seemed excited about the new addition to the family and Landon was completely obsessed with the kids.  They decided to name him Bufflin Joe, after former Chicago Blackhawk (and now Atlanta Thrasher) hockey player Dustin Byfuglien (through the magic of the Norgwegian language Byfuglien is pronounced Bufflin).

Congrats, Landon!


  1. SO photogenic! I love him...will they notice if I steal him?

  2. I want him!! He is just one giant puff ball, man i wish i could have dogs.