Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Southern Comfort

Alice finally went home to her forever family on Saturday.  It was a long time coming; a delayed spay appointment and prearranged vacation meant Alice's new parents had to wait nearly a month to meet her.  They have incredible patience!

When Mike and Patty arrived at our house Alice warmed right up to them and gave out lots of her signature kisses. 

An hour or two later and the new family headed home way down south (okay, it's more like halfway down Illinois, but still quite the long haul to get a new pup!).  Mike and Patty were super nice; we know they're going to spoil Alice and that she'll have a fabulous life with them.

Being bashful about a new collar

On their way home Mike and Patty even sent me some pictures of Alice sleeping in the backseat of their Corvette (um, awesome!). 

Later on they called to say that Alice and her big (and I do mean big) sister Holly the Great Dane were getting along nicely.  And Alice is now named Savanna.

The house is a little quieter; we had Alice nearly 2 months and she and Dash wrestled nearly every waking moment of that.  We're really happy that Alice is going to have a canine companion in her forever home!  And of course we know she's going to get loved to pieces by her humans!

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