Monday, February 15, 2010

Can I brag a little?

On Saturday I went bowling and in my second game I was on fire!  Strikes and spares abounded.  Although the turkey eluded me since someone kept bringing it up and psyching me out.  Check out my score (I'm C)!

 Probably my highest score ever!  The identities of B and T will remain a mystery to protect them from the shame of losing to me, but in their defense, this was the third or fourth game for them since I had to duck out for a bit after the first game.  Although B certainly had a more than respectable showing (and actually got 184 in a previous game, making my score only the second highest of the night) and T was trying out a new throwing technique.  In the end, a fun time was had by all.  And I won.


  1. The number of nonconsecutive strikes in your game was amazing! Congrats on your win.

    Throwing in a link to my game that only T was able to witness.

  2. Awesome! oh, and I love your new paw banner at the top : )