Friday, February 5, 2010

Heaven in bed

We've had it for a while, but I just have to rave about our heated mattress pad.  It's awesome.  I don't know about you, but I feel cold pretty much from October to April.  And I can't sleep if I'm cold.  This usually leads to me bundling up all winter, even to go to sleep.  But no more unnecessary layers at bedtime!  And no more of the hubs yelling at me when I try to warm up my icy cold feet on him (I can't help it if he's always warm!).  This thing is heaven.  You turn it on before you get in bed so the sheets are already warm when you get in and it stays toasty warm all night.  Makes getting up in the morning that much harder, but it's so pleasant it's worth it.  We have this one (no, that's not our room):

I like that it automatically turns off after 10 hours so you don't have to worry about it being on all day while you're gone.  Not that I'm so much worried about it starting a fire, but I feel like they weren't designed to be on for 2 days straight and I wouldn't want to fry the wires and have to buy a new one.  But if I had to, I'd buy a new one.  Definitely.


  1. How fun! That must feel SO nice on a cold winter night! I don't think that would be allowed on one side of our bed : )

  2. You can adjust each side! So one person can have it on high (or any other setting) and the other side can just be off. It's great!

  3. This story is eerily familiar... We just got an electric blanket with dual controls. Mary *loves* the thing. I find it's nice to warm up the bed before I get in at least. If I forget to turn it down before I fall asleep, though, I'll wake up sweating profusely.