Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dave is home!

In his forever home, that is.  It's exactly the type of home I wanted for him.  The family has a dog, two kids, a fenced in yard and they weren't phased by the idea that Dave may have had a head injury.  Their bouncy yellow lab that's just a little bit younger than Dave was all wags when we arrived for their home check, and when we introduced them it was love at first sight.  After the requisite sniffing they starting running around the yard playing chase and having fun as if they had been friends forever.  The kids and Dave had already taken to each other when they met yesterday.  Dave gives them kisses and then rolls over so they can give him tummy rubs, and they happily oblige.  And of course his new mom and dad are totally smitten.  I could not be more thrilled about the family that adopted Dave.  More importantly, Dave is thrilled about his new family.

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