Monday, March 8, 2010

I've been framed!

I got the supplies for this project months ago but just never got around to it.  The other night I was feeling a little restless and wanted to do something productive (without doing housework) and thought this would be perfect.  The plan is to make some picture frames to put up in our main bathroom.

I started with some plain picture frames with raw wood.  I got these from Hobby Lobby for $3 each.  I wanted to create some texture on them, so I cut up some strips of paper using my paper cutter (totally could have used scissors or even just ripped the paper, but I love my paper cutter and will take any excuse to use it).  To put it all together I used Mod Podge.

Getting started

I mixed Mod Podge and water at a 1:1 ratio in a large container.  There was probably 1/8 cup of Mod Podge, but I just eyeballed it, and ended up adding a little bit more later.  It doesn't need to be perfect.  I stirred it up and then added the strips of paper.  I scrunched each one before tossing it in the bowl so they wouldn't be so totally stuck together.

Then I mixed it all around the make sure the paper was totally coated.

Take a strip, scrunch it a little and place it on the frame.  Keep going until the whole thing is covered (don't forget about the inside and outside edges!).  Let it dry.

Apply a coat of Mod Podge using a paint brush (don't add any water this time) over the whole thing to seal the paper and make sure it's all stuck together.

After that dried (you'll know it's dry because the Mod Podge will be clear) I flipped the frame over to trim some of the edges that I had folded underneath so the glass will fit properly when I put it all back together.

See how sloppy it is?

I used my rotary cutter (thanks Mom and Dad!), but a utility razor or exacto knife would work equally well to get the job done.

Now it's neat and clean

Now it's time to paint!  I picked a metallic silver paint. I ended up doing 3 coats, rotating the frame each time to make sure all of the nooks and crannies were nicely painted.

My original plan was to put some pictures of the hubs and I getting ready for our wedding in these frames (there's a great picture of me flossing and one of Thomas adjusting his tie in a mirror).  But since this bathroom is the main one for the house I was told this could be weird for people who aren't us, so instead I used some cute note cards. 

Ta-da!  Adds a little pizazz to the room, don't you think?

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