Friday, July 2, 2010

All Tuckered Out

I just picked Dash up from his first visit to Doggy Daycare.  He's been a little restless the last few days and with a busy weekend coming up I wanted him to burn a little energy.  Plus, I can see that he really wants to wrestle with Smiley, but I won't let him because I'm afraid Smiley will get hurt somehow and that would be super un-fun to deal with for a variety of reasons, but I still wanted him to be able to wrestle with somebody.

Dash even got a report card from daycare! It looks about how I expected except for one thing, any guesses on what that is?

He took a nap at doggy daycare? I wonder if maybe they checked the wrong thing (okay not really).  I can't believe my little energizer bunny took a nap when he was surrounded by a bunch of other playful dogs.  Oh well, I guess not even Dash can wrestle and play for 6 hours straight!

And can we all have a collective laugh at "Elimination"?  That is by far the most hilarious way of putting that; I actually giggled out loud when I read it.

Now that is the face of a tired dog!

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