Friday, July 9, 2010

First Harvest

Remember that raspberry bush Thomas found in our backyard?  Well I went to go investigate it a little further a few days later to check out the goods.  It looked like there was a good number of raspberries that should be growing bigger soon, along with a few that were ripe.  I gently pulled on the big ones and several popped off, which I took to mean that they were ready to be eaten (good news, everyone!  I was right!).  I gathered them up in a bowl and washed them really well.

Okay, so it's not exactly an impressive harvest.  But given that two weeks ago we didn't even know this bush existed, I'm pretty happy with it.  I ate half of the berries and saved the other half for Thomas.  Those were probably some of the best raspberries I have ever had.  Super juicy, nice and sweet and tons of flavor.  It seriously tasted like I had just poured some raspberry concentrate (does that exist?) into my mouth.

Unfortunately it has been ridiculously hot here for the last week and it looks like a lot of the berries that probably would have been ready by now are all dried up.  I'm hoping that the bush will bounce back once the temperatures drop a little.

Oh, and look at what else I found that day!

A firefly!  I was in the kitchen when all of a sudden I saw this huge black thing fluttering next to me.  I immediately went into panic mode until I saw it glowing and realized what this bug was.  Being the brave-attempting-to-conquer-my-phobias-one-baby-step-at-a-time kind of person that I am, I quickly grabbed a snapware and captured the creature instead of smashing it into oblivion like I usually do when I find bugs.

I showed off my catch to the hubs before releasing the firefly back into the wild.  So I'm going to go ahead and give myself a big ole pat on the back for that one!  What are you proud of that you've done lately?

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  1. hi! i'm following you from friendly friday! would love to have you follow me also @ yummy raspberries!

  2. What _can't_ you use snapware for!? Congrats on the harvest. :)

  3. No way! You caught your own bug! You're getting much better with this bug thing : )

    I'm proud that I went to the gym today because I never go on Fridays.

  4. Those look so delicious!!! I wish we had raspberry bushes! Is yours growing in the shade or full sun?

  5. It's in the shade. It's in the back corner of our yard right under a tree, so I think it gets almost no direct sun.