Friday, May 21, 2010

Champagne is Back

Two years and two dozen or so dogs later, we have our very first return.  Champagne's family brought her back to us Wednesday evening.  Apparently their cat hid under the bed once and she became obsessed with looking for it under the bed (I think this went on for about a day).  Even though she was fine around the cat any other time she saw her and never actually tried to hurt her, they decided it just wasn't going to work.

And that's okay totally sucks.  Granted, the rescue has a one week trial period for every adoption for just such a reason; so that if people decide it isn't the right fit they'll bring the dog back to us instead of re-homing it on their own or developing behavior problems until they're out of control.  But I really liked these people and thought they could give Champagne the type of home she needed, but I guess not.  I'm not mad.  I'm just sad for Champagne.  And I'm not going to lie; it's kind of a blow to my ego.  I always try so hard to get my dogs into the very best homes for them and settle for nothing less than a great match.  I am not afraid to turn people down if I don't think it's good for the dog.  I was really proud of my success rate, darn it!

Back to the drawing board we go.  At least Champagne's kennel cough is sounding much better and I'm not worried I'm going to find one of her organs coughed up in her crate every morning or when I get home from work.

Plus, now she comes with lots of swag.  The family that adopted her insisted that she keep her toys.  So whoever adopts her now gets a new member of the family plus 3 stuffed animals, a Kong and a tennis ball.  Good deal, right?


  1. Oh no! Poor Champagne! On the positive side, she could have been unhappy in that home and wouldn't have had fun. Now you can find her a new home that she'll enjoy.

  2. Yeah I know. It's totally better that they brought her back now (I much prefer that to them trying to suck it up and then giving her back a few weeks/months/years from now with all kinds of problems!). Just a temporary setback :)

  3. Poor girl! She probably just views that as a little vacation. She'll have her real forever home soon.