Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture Post!

Dash and Hancock are settling in together and getting the hang of wrestling and running around in the yard.  It takes them a few minutes to get started, but it's absolutely hilarious once they get into their element!

Warning, these next three pictures are not for the faint of heart!  It's Hancock doing his very best Mr. Giggles impression:

Don't worry!  They're just playing (in case you couldn't tell by how relaxed Dash looks in the face of what appears to be imminent doom!)

A few gratuitous shots or our new baby:

We also took Dash to the vet today to get him caught up on all kind of fun stuff like vaccines and bloodwork.  Happy to report he's healthy as a horse (because I guess horses are really healthy?).  Plus we got him a microchip (fancy!).  He was such a good boy; didn't fuss about anything and everyone kept talking about how pretty he is (and they're right!).


  1. awww! Dash's coloring is so pretty!

  2. yikes, hancock looks scarey in those middle pics!! :)

  3. Carolyn, you are a great person, both my boys look great, and both look happy as clams, as if clams are happy. I bet you will be sad to see Hancock go if Dash and him play so well together. Aussies are some of the funniest dogs to see playing, you would think they were in mortal combat with all the noises and banging they do.