Monday, May 10, 2010

Griffin Update

On Saturday I randomly ran into one of our fosters from last year while I was at the adoption show with Champagne.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting updates on our fosters and getting to see them is even better!  Griffin is a border collie (or maybe mini aussie or sheltie) mix and is now around 2-3 years old.  He was a total doll when we had him; very well behaved and super sweet.  He is one of the few fosters that has been allowed on the couch and that walked nicely on a leash right off the bat.

He and his sister (a 10 year old Cairn Terrier named Pebbles) are getting along great.  His family tried picking out names for him for a few days but finally decided that Griffin was a good fit for him, so it stuck.  And his mom is going to start taking him to agility classes next week.  How fun!  I'm sure he's going to love it!

We had Griffin for about a week in late March 2009.  We knew as soon as we got him that he would find a forever home quickly.  As you can see he loved running around like crazy in the snow!

We're so happy that Griffin is so happy in his forever home!

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  1. awww! That's so sweet to hear how he's doing! I'm glad he's happy!