Sunday, May 16, 2010

Champagne's Room with a View

This afternoon we took Champagne to her new forever home in downtown Chicago.  Along with loving new parents and a feline friend, she has a great view of Lake Michigan from her living room (Thomas was disappointed he wasn't going to live there as well!).  Her new parents saw right past her illness (she's battling kennel cough, as I mentioned here) and fell in love.  Champagne's new mom said that she looks like she is straight out of Central Casting!

Champagne started to settle in right away and was immediately drawn to the huge new bed that her parents got her, along with a cool stuffed toy that looks like a chicken...or maybe it was a duck.  Anyway, it was clear that she was home.  We're sure they're going to have lots of fun going to walks along the beach and visiting a vacation home in Michigan (Champagne loves car rides!).

I took these right before we dropped her off.  She looks super happy, almost like she knows she's going to be with her forever family!

Congratulations, Champagne!

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