Monday, June 14, 2010

Crew Got Adopted

Crew has had quite the whirlwind over the last month or two!  He was rescued from a high kill shelter, then spent some time in a foster home downtown, then hung out in a retirement community, then back into foster care with us for a week and now he's finally getting settled in to his forever home (for real this time we hope!).

Since Crew didn't like Dash it was a little challenging fostering him, but aside from that we really can't complain about his behavior.  We were able to leave him loose when unattended without having to worry about anything and he walked nicely on a leash.  Thomas had a blast playing fetch with him; Crew does everything with a lot of intensity and enthusiasm.  You could drop a ball from waist high and he would snatch it out of the air before it hit the ground, and when he chased a ball in the yard it sounded like a horse was running by!  He would twist and turn in the air and do whatever it took to catch a ball flying through the air; it was really fun and impressive to watch.

Crew's new dad is going to be taking him for lots of walks, playing fetch in the yard and going on excursions to a lake house in Wisconsin.  We think Crew is going to love his new home and will have a blast going on trips to the lake.  Woohoo, Crew!


  1. Did you take those pics? The color came out great on them.

    Hope he's happy in his new home!

  2. Thomas took those pictures while I held Crew (they were super last minute pics). I'll pass along the compliment!