Monday, June 14, 2010

Hancock is Home

Just a few days after being listed for adoption we had a few people interested in adopting Hancock.  Not really a surprise; he's so cute and well behaved we knew he wouldn't last long once people knew he was up for adopting!  So we picked our favorite application and arranged for the prospective adopter to come over and meet Hancock to see if they were a match this past Tuesday.  Paul, the prospective adopter, and Hancock really hit it off!  So on Friday Paul came to pick Hancock up to take home for good.

Hancock was a lot of fun to foster, but we're really happy to see him go to an awesome home where he can get settled in forever and be the center of attention.  Paul goes on walks at a forest preserve every day and is signing Hancock up for doggy daycare, so Hancock is going to see lots of fun nature stuff and have time to romp around with other pooches, both of which are activities Hancock loves.  We're sure Paul and Hancock will have a lot of fun together.  Hurray for Hancock!


  1. He's not quite healed from being neutered yet, so he has to wear it to keep him from licking the incision and potentially getting an infection. Paul had a smaller cone that ended up fitting Hancock, so hopefully he'll be a little more comfortable for the last few days he needs to wear it since he should be done with it by Friday.