Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hancock Insisted He Wasn't Broken...

But we got him fixed anyway.  I think the poor little guy knew what was up because he was drooling at the vet's office

Hancock was awake and ready to come home by the afternoon.  He's got some rimadyl to take for the pain, so he was feeling alright.  Still getting used to his cone of shame, though!  The main problem is Hancock likes to pee on trees almost exclusively and the cone throws him off.   In Hancock's mind you need to sniff the tree and then turn and hop up to it to pee on it in one seamless motion or else you're not allowed to pee on it.  Of course, the cone gets caught on the tree, so what ends up happening is he goes up to a tree, sniffs it, flings his head around and then walks away looking dejected.  I know what you're thinking, "but Carolyn, just take his cone off!  You're sooooo mean!".  First of all, I'm not mean!  It's to prevent a yucky infection from licking the incision site!  Secondly, that doesn't work.  I tried taking the cone off and all he does is try to lick himself.  So basically potty breaks for Hancock just take a heck of a lot longer than they used to.

Dash is trying to make Hancock feel better by making out with him.  Seriously, they go nose to nose and just lick each other for a little while.  It's adorable. 

Hancock is already trying to play with toys again, which is a good sign.  It must be frustrating for him, though, because he'll drop a toy and if it falls under the cone or rolls into a corner he can't get it, so he just cries until you help him.

The good news about all of this is that Hancock was finally listed for adoption yesterday since he is now fully vetted!  Woohoo!  He already met some potential adopters at our super favoritest pet store last weekend, so I'm sure he'll be giving kisses to his forever family in no time!

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