Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Crew!

Crew is a 3 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever that I picked up on Saturday.  He was actually adopted out from our rescue a while ago by a local senior community but was recently returned.  Apparently once in a while he can get a teensy bit mouthy (meaning he likes to grab at things with his mouth) while playing, which isn't a good combination with the fragile skin of seniors.  He's a great dog but needs to run with a crowd with tougher skin (literally) even though he means no harm.  His previous foster mom couldn't take him back since her living situation has changed since she had him, so now he's here with our gang.  He's not a huge fan of Dash's in-you-face playing style, so we're trying to keep them separate for playtime, but otherwise he's fine with the dogs.  He's okay with the cats and overall doing well.  Crew already knows a bunch of tricks like sit, shake, high five, down and wait.  He walks really nicely on a leash (whew!), which makes going on our doggie parades (ie walks) a lot easier!

Even though it's not a terribly common breed, Crew is actually our second Chessie foster.  The hubs is excited because the first one we had was one of his personal favorites.  Chessies look kind of like Chocolate Labs but have a much stronger personality and aren't quite so laid back.  They also have a slightly wavy and oily coat in order to repel water.  They were bred to swim (through ice sometimes) and retrieve things from the Chesapeake Bay, after all!

 Thomas the dog whisperer

 All the dogs love that rubber chicken!

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  1. You don't take a break, do you? One after the next!