Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet Cyrene!

On Saturday this sweet little girl made her way from Central Illinois up to us on a transport.

For the uninitiated, a transport consists of people driving short legs of a longer journey with dogs that are being rescued.  Occasionally a large (huge, really) van will be used to move around 30 dogs all at once, in which case that vehicle usually does most of the journey on its own.  Transports routinely cover 300+ miles.  These dogs would be put to sleep if it were not for the generosity of these folks, and of course the fosters and rescues that take them in once they reach their destination.  Truly a group effort.

Cyrene was an owner surrender.  The state was requiring her owner to have her spayed and microchipped.  He didn't like the idea of that so she was abandoned at a vet's office and that was the end of that.  Luckily for Cyrene, she was saved by a rescue and of course one of the first things we did was have her spayed and microchipped!

Cyrene is an absolute sweetheart and Thomas and I have a hard time wrapping our heads around how someone could get rid of this little girl.  Her little nub of a tail wags faster than any dog I've seen.  She is so well behaved and the very definition of a velcro Aussie.  Cyrene knows her basic commands and aspires to be a lap dog.  But when she's not trying to get you to pet her, she wants to run around and play.

She pals around with Dash and is fine with the cats (phew!).  She's 4 years old and a petite girl at 35 pounds with a whole lot of love to give and life to live!  We're sure Cyrene will score a forever home in no time at all as soon as she's done healing from her spay.


  1. awww! Welcome Cyrene! Interesting name...do you know where it came from?