Saturday, August 7, 2010

Smiley's Moving On

When we went to Canada we had to find a new temporary foster home for Smiley.  I was a little worried that no one would want to take him and that he would have to spend that time at the kennel.  The thought broke my heart because he more than other dogs really needs to be in a comfortable home with people around (some dogs are more resilient than others in a kennel setting).  Luckily within hours of a request being sent out for a temporary foster home someone stepped up and practically begged to take Smiley.  Up until recently she had always had Boxers and was missing the love.  What a relief!

A day before we left for Canada I met up with Kathleen, Smiley's new foster mom, to hand him off.  She was so excited to meet him and immediately loved his smooshy little face.  I gave her the run down on his care and personality since she would only have him a short time before the next adoption show so that she could answer any questions from potential adopters.  And then off they went!

Before we got back I emailed Kathleen to see how Smiley was doing and she said she had renamed him Charlie and that he was such a lover.  He's fitting in really well into her home with her two dogs and other foster dog.  Since Dash kept trying to wrestle with Smiley, which Smiley often didn't appreciate, I told Kathleen that she didn't have to give Smiley back to us if she didn't want to.  Turns out she was about to ask me the same thing!  So Smiley is going to stay with her until he gets adopted and we'll take another foster that is hopefully a little more up to dealing with Dash.  We're really happy that Smiley is in a home where he fits in so well and is getting spoiled with so much attention and love until he finds a forever home to give him the same.

So let's celebrate by looking at some pictures of Smiley basking in the sun, shall we?

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  1. He looks so happy in the sun! Hope Smiley finds a new home soon!