Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cyrene Didn't Go Far

Her new family lives just 10 short minutes away from us - our closest adoption to date!  Cyrene's adoption happened in kind of a round about way.

Two weeks ago the hubs and I did a home check for the rescue Cyrene is with.  This rescue has potential adopters fill out an application and have a home check that must be cleared before they are able to meet any of the dogs up for adoption.

We took Cyrene along with us because we like to see how the people interact with a dog, particularly if there are kids, of which this family has three.

The home check went fine.  The family was really nice and the kids were excited about getting a dog but were very well behaved around Cyrene (impressive for kids under 7!).  The family was approved for adoption.

A few days later I got an email from a different approved adopter interested in meeting Cyrene.  The application said that they were runners, which I thought would be a good match for Cyrene, so we made arrangements for them to come over and meet her.  But when I spoke to them on the phone I had a funny feeling like this wasn't the right fit.  Nothing I could pinpoint - just a gut reaction.  But I decided to reserve judgement until meeting them, hoping they would woo me in person.

Meanwhile, I had begun thinking that the family we had done the home visit for might be a good fit with Cyrene and planned on trying to match them up if the other adopter didn't work out.

Last Sunday the people interested in Cyrene came over to our house.  They liked her, but you could tell there wasn't a connection.  The husband seemed to like Cyrene well enough but was leaving the final decision to his wife.  Basically, she wanted a dog like Cyrene in every way except for with a fluffier, fuller coat.

Which quite frankly I was happy to hear, because shortly before they arrived at our home I got a message from the other family saying they had really liked Cyrene and that they were wondering if she was available for adoption!  As soon as the other couple confirmed that they would not be adopting Cyrene I called to give them the good news.  They came over on Tuesday so we could tell them more about her and so they could see Cyrene in her home environment.  They loved her and but asked if they could wait until Friday to bring her home so they could have the weekend all together (which we didn't mind at all because it meant we could have a few more days with Cyrene).

So on Friday they came over and did the necessary paperwork and Cyrene went home with her new family.  We're hoping since they live so close by we'll run into them from time to time!

Enjoy your new family, Cyrene!  We know they're going to love you to pieces!


  1. Haha, yeah, eventually we let her go on the couch. Mostly because it was her only respite from Dash trying to wrestle with her 24/7!