Friday, September 17, 2010

Overnight Overlap

This evening I picked up our next foster, Talia.  We think she might be a Duck Tolling Retriever mix, but it's hard to say for sure.  Whatever she is, she's super fluffy and soft.

All tuckered out after a big day

And tomorrow Cyrene is getting adopted!  Since her new family already met her they'll just be filling out the paperwork and then off they'll go.

So for tonight and most of tomorrow we've got three dogs, which means the house is full because we only have 2 crates (Dash has graduated from his crate to being closed in the kitchen).  All of the animals are getting along really well, which is a huge relief.  Even when you've been told your new foster is good with other animals it can still be a gamble and you never really know until you get them home.

 Contrary to the pictures, Talia actually does do more than just lay around

More on Talia's arrival and Cyrene's adoption coming soon!

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  1. aww! I love her little "freckles" on her nose!