Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Landon!

I picked Landon up Wednesday afternoon.  He came to us from Chicago Animal Care and Control (just like Talia did).  He's about a year and a half old and we think some sort of Sheltie mix. 

Maybe a little Chow?  Or Shepherd?  Hard to say, but no matter what there's no denying he's cute!  He weighs about 40 pounds and is getting along quite well with Dash and the cats. 

He hasn't been allowed to hang out with them much though because the poor little dude is sick with a wicked cough.  This isn't uncommon in rescue dogs as they often are not up to date on vaccines when they arrive initially at a shelter and then of course there are so many animals in such a small space, any kind of illness can spread quite easily (think kindergartners who pass the same cold around all year).  But hopefully his antibiotics will do the trick and he'll be good as new in a week.

Oh, and did I mention Landon's not neutered yet?  Yeah, Landon's not neutered.  But you can bet I'm getting his cute little butt to the vet as soon as he's recovered from his cough, because this adorable little guy seems to think it's okay to mark things in the house.  And chasing after a dog to clean up his, um, scent, all evening is not my idea of fun, so for the time being Landon is going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, where apparently nothing is worth marking (and the floor is easy to clean just in case he changes his mind!).

In any event, he's a total sweetheart and gives great hugs.  He's also fabulous at posing for pictures.  He held all these poses, on his own, for nearly a minute!  Much easier to photograph than the usual milliseconds most dogs give me before they get distracted!

Welcome, Landon!

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  1. How cute! Yeah, I can definitely see the sheltie traits with the ears and the nose. My old sheltie was also famous for posing for zillions of photos. Must be a sheltie thing!