Monday, September 20, 2010

Lickety Split

Talia got adopted in record time - I think our fastest adoption so far - clocking in at just under 48 hours!

I took her to the adoption show on Saturday and of course all of the other volunteers and passersbys loved her (how could you not love that fluffy freckled face?).  But no one was really asking any questions about her or seeming genuinely interested in her; they just wanted to pet her and then go about their days.

One of the other volunteers really seemed to like her a lot - but it's not unusual for us to have favorites that are up for adoption.  And even though she called her husband to come over and meet Talia I didn't really think twice about it.  More than once I've dragged Thomas around one of our shows to make him meet some of my favorite dogs that I had absolutely no intention of adopting.  Granted, I only did this if he was already at the show with me, but it still didn't seem odd.

But then they just hung out with Talia and watched the whole time as she got groomed (she had some mats on her tummy and between her paws that needed to be shaved off and one of the store groomers generously offered to do it for free).  They started talking about how their dog usually interacts with other dogs.  And they were asking more detailed questions about her. 

That's when it finally sunk in that they were not just toying with the idea of adopting Talia but were really serious about it.  So they filled out the application and contract and I took Talia over to their house to make sure that she and their dog would get along.

looking pretty in her new living room

Talia and their dog, Boomer, got along fine.  Boomer mostly ignored her, which is a great response.

she looks quite happy and at home on her new couch

So Talia is now named Penny and is enjoying life in her new home.  And since her new mom is a regular volunteer with this rescue we're guaranteed updates and might get to see her once in a while.  Awesome!

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  1. Wow! That's so fast! Congrats on such a quick & successful adoption!