Friday, September 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Remember Smiley from earlier in the summer?  Here's when we brought him home and when he switched to a different foster home when we went on vacation. 

I got an email last week from his foster mom.  She was going to be taking him to the vet to look at a growth on his tail.  He was also eating much less than normal in the previous week and was vomiting bile.  She wanted to know if he had ever done that when he was with us.  Well, when we had him he was eating like a champ and rarely even burped, nevermind threw up, so she was going to have the vet see what could be done to remedy his tummy aches in addition to the growth on his tail.  Smiley's foster mom promised to keep me updated on the results.

This afternoon I got my follow up email from her and it's what I had been dreading:

Smiley didn't make it through surgery today.  He was full of cancer inside.  At least he is at peace now.  No more poking and prodding.  I know between you and I he had the best life any dog could.  I wanted to let you know I told him you loved him this morning, I told him how much EVERYONE loved him.

It means so much to me that she told Smiley that I loved him since I didn't get a chance to see him before his surgery.  I knew that one day I would hear about one of my fosters crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, but I didn't think it would be so soon.  At least I know that Smiley was well loved in his last few months of life.  But it still hurts to know he's gone, leaving me a crying mess for most of the afternoon.  So in honor of Smiley I'm going to go snuggle and kiss all of my pets (foster included), because that was Smiley's favorite thing and I always want all of them to know how loved they are.

Goodbye, Smiley.  We'll miss you.

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  1. I am here for the Friday blog hops and am following you via google reader. I hope to see you at Dropped Stitches.

    xo Erin