Saturday, January 8, 2011

Captains of the Sky

For Christmas this year my brother got Lenny and Waldo pretty much the best present ever.  I mean really, what does every kitty dream of being when he grows up?

A fighter pilot!  Obviously.

Eric got them their very own fighter plane.  We put it together and  It was really easy to build; it all fit together into itself so we didn't need any glue, tape, staples or anything like that.


Thomas starting the propellor before take-off 

Peeking out the bottom hatch

There's.....something on the wing...some...thing...

Waldo is always very cautious around new things and had to give the plane a good inspection 

Then he decided it was safe to check out the inside

But that's as far as he went for the day.  I think once he figures out what an awesome hiding spot it is he'll be hanging out in there all the time.

 For now he's content just hanging out near their airplane

This is seriously a super cool plane.  The attention to detail on it is amazing, too.  Every inch of the plane!  The outside has the airplane pattern on it, with things like CATS R GR8, FLYING KITTEN, and 9 LIVES written on it.  And the inside looks like the interior of a fighter plane with little controls and everything!

Thanks, Eric!  The kitties love their new hangout and say you're the coolest uncle ever.  Lots of snuggles coming your way from Lenny, and to a lesser extent, Waldo.

If your cats are insanely jealous, and why wouldn't they be, you can get them their very own fighter plane (or tank or fire engine or car) from this very cool website.

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