Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hunk's New Home

It's still a foster home, but this one he gets to stay in until he gets adopted (which I'm sure will be in no time at all).  Before we even knew Hunk existed we had already committed to taking Alice - more on her later - so Hunk was temporary from the get-go.  But there was no way I could let that sweet little face spend even a minute in the kennel.

Hunk and Dash had a blast playing and wrestling together.  The most challenging part of having him was just trying to keep him quiet since the two of them were in play mode almost non-stop!  Aside from that he was a perfect foster.

Great house manners, already house trained, quiet in his crate and of course Hunk is also incredibly sweet and adorable.  Okay, at some point on Thursday he did chew a hole in his cast which landed him in the cone of shame.

But the vet said it should be fine and after a day of pretending to be the saddest dog in the world while wearing it he decided that life was still worth living and perked up again.  We're all going to miss Hunk, but we know he's in good hands with a great foster who will make sure he ends up in a great forever home.

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