Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a Hunk!

New year, new dog!

This is Hunk, our latest foster.  He'll probably be temporary since we already committed to taking a dog from another rescue, but she won't be here for another week, so Hunk is staying with us until we can find him another foster family.

Hunk is about 8 months old and seems to be a Catahoula mix.  I think he was an owner surrender and he obviously has a broken leg.  That cast will stay on for another 4 weeks, but it sure doesn't slow him down! It's been wrestle-mania in the house with Dash and Hunk since about 10 minutes after I got home with Hunk.  The two of them are total buds (not to mention look-a-likes!).

We've been super lucky with Hunk; even though he's still a baby, he seems to be house trained and he didn't make a peep in his crate last night.  From how he and Dash get along it's apparent he loves other dogs and he's more or less left the cats alone (okay, he tried to lick Lenny a little, but in a "we're friends!" sort of way, not an "if you taste good I'm gonna eat you!" sort of way).

The biggest challenge with Hunk is trying to keep him somewhat quiet because of his cast.  We keep telling him to take it easy since he has a broken leg, but he just kind of looks at us as if to say "a broken what?" before continuing what he was doing.  So we're just keeping him on a leash and trying to keep the wrestling matches as low key as possible.

Here's to a speedy recovery and speedy journey to a forever home for Hunk!

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