Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm All Ears

Alice has definitely made herself right at home over the last 2 weeks.  She and Dash love playing together and she's really good with the cats; I think Dash tries to chase them more than she does!

But what really let me know that Alice was feeling at home was that after a few days her left ear starting sticking up.  Like, straight up.  So now she has one ear up and one ear tipped down and it is a-freaking-dorable. 

Totally quirky to match her personality and looks.  Speaking of which, Alice still loves looking in the mirror.  I have never seen a dog spend so much time staring at themselves and the rest of the world through a mirror.  She's not obsessive or anything, just once in a while she'll wander by the mirrors by the front door and pause for a moment or two.  I always wonder what she's thinking.  Okay, let's be honest here, I wonder what all of the animals are thinking all of the time.

Side note: Tonight I got some snuggle time in with almost all of the animals.  I invited Dash onto the couch with me and then Lenny decided to join us.  But before this could be captured on film, Thomas thought it would be even more hilarious to try and toss Alice in, too.  We don't usually allow fosters on the couch, so this was a special exception.  Once Alice was added to the mix Lenny decided it was no longer safe to lay on my tummy and moved a little further up on the couch.

Don't act like you're not jealous of my super awesome made-by-me-in-high-school fleecy pants

Anyway, back to Alice.  Her new favorite toy is whichever one Dash is playing with.  She'll constantly walk over to him and literally take a toy out of his mouth and walk away with it while poor Dash just watches - he's so good at sharing!  Here's how it usually goes down:

Dash doing his very best impression of the saddest dog in the world, let's see a close-up

Very convincing, Dash, very convincing

Last night Dash had a toy but Alice couldn't quite reach it because he was next to the coffee table and she actually cried before finally squishing herself in and taking the toy.  To be fair, Alice isn't a thief all the time.  Dash will often take toys from her and she's fine with it and they also like to play tug of war.  I think it's just that baby phase where the most interesting thing is the thing someone else has.

 So that's what's going on with our critters; can you handle all that cuteness?!

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