Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello, Alice!

Just a half a day after Hunk got dropped off to go to his new foster home I picked up Alice.  She came up on Saturday on a transport all the way from Kansas in a series of ten legs to get her from there to here.  Alice and her brother Alex are purebred Aussies that someone who lived on a farm bought as puppies.  After a few months they realized that two young Aussies are kind of a lot of work and decided they didn't want them anymore.

In early December a good samaritan took them in until they could be placed into a rescue.  So now at 8 months old Alice is with us and her brother is in a foster home, too.

Alice was a little nervous and a little stinky when I got her home, so after a quick run in the yard I took her upstairs to the bathtub for a quick torture session bath.  After that, some food and a good nap she was already a totally different dog.

Now she's picking up every toy she can fit in her little mouth and either chewing on it, rolling it or proudly parading it around the room.  Mirrors are fascinating to her; she keeps walking past our floor to ceiling mirrors by the front door and pausing.  And when I first got her home she spent about a minute just staring at her reflection in the oven.  I'm not sure if it's because she hasn't really encountered mirrors before or if she thinks it's her brother since they look alike, so to me it's both cute and a little sad, because I wonder if she misses Alex when she sees her reflection.

Alice loves to give little kisses and is enjoying exploring the house.  By now I think she's sniffed nearly every square inch of space that she's allowed to be in.  Dash and Alice even started wresting and playing a little on Alice's first night with us.  The two of them are having so much fun running in the yard and playing in the house.

We'll learn more about Alice's personality after we have her a little longer, but we do know that she is super sweet and super adorable.

Welcome, Alice!

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